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BRAVO SGT REPORT & DAVID MORGAN… Now Let’s Talk About the BIG Silver Secret!

by Bix Weir, Road to Roota:

In one of the best interviews I’ve heard in YEARS, Sean over at SGT had a conversation with David Morgan about silver manipulation and the state of our pathetic silver exchange called the COMEX. They also get around to helping expose my longtime nemesis Jeffrey Christian who REFUSED to debate me at this years’ Silver Summit. Chicken!! (Rumor has it Jeff may not even show up at the 2014 Silver Summit…must be too busy faking his “official” numbers:)

You can find the interview here: Dissecting Silver Lies & Liars – David Morgan

I appreciate Sean referring to the article I had written on the COMEX volumes being where the manipulation happens…but that’s old news these days. If any of you ‘Silver Gurus’ out there want to run with A REALLY BIG STORY I’d invite you to you open up the very LAST Pandora’s Box in silver market manipulation story… THE DTCC DOCUMENTATION COVERUP!

Were ANY of the 69B ounces of paper silver traded on the COMEX in 2013 legally settled in 3 days as required by securities law? Were the interests properly transferred, monies exchanged and the buyers rightfully acknowledged as the new owner of the underlying security? Where is the signed documentation? Where is the PROOF of title transfer for each and every transaction?

LET ME SAVE YOU SOME TIME – IT’S ALL GONE (…if it was ever there at all!)

The ugly truth of the matter is that if these documents ever did exist they were last seen on October 29, 2012 in 50 feet of water in the basement of the DTCC vault at 55 Water Street in New York! Hurricane Sandy flooded the vault of the DTCC where virtually all of the COMEX trade documentation was being held in the care of none other than Michael Dunn (Yep…the same “Mr. Magoo” CFTC Commissioner who ran the blockade on Silver Position Limits!).

CFTC Approves DTCC’s Swap Data Repository

After 2008, DTCC was selected in several industry competitions held by the GFMA and ISDA to provide global trade repository services for OTC derivatives in multiple asset classes. Four of those asset classes, credit derivatives, equity derivatives, interest rate derivatives and commodity derivatives, are already fully or partially operational.

As Hurricane Sandy came roaring through New York on October 29th I guess Micheal Dunn was the last to leave the vault because they left the door open submerging $36T+ of paper securities under water for weeks. If that wasn’t enough it took them a month to pump the water out and, just for good measure, a freak basement fire broke out while they were pumping out the vault!!

Coincidence? Conspiracy Theory? Too crazy to believe?

You be the judge.

This Saturday night a show will air on The History Channel 2 were I was interviewed about this very topic. Although I haven’t seen a preview of it yet, I think it should raise a few more questions about the validity of high frequency computer trading and the settlement of these fraudulent trades.

Here’s info on the show:

History Channel 2
America’s Book of Secrets
Secret Underground – The DTCC Vault

Premiere Date: May 17, 2014 – 10:00-11:00PM ET

I wonder if they’ll even allow it to be aired on Saturday night?…maybe they’ll have “technical issues” like they had when Bill Murphy testified in front of the CFTC about Gold Market Rigging!!

Keep up the fight my friends…the walls are crumbling around the Bad Guys.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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15 comments to BRAVO SGT REPORT & DAVID MORGAN… Now Let’s Talk About the BIG Silver Secret!

  • Abby

    Geo Engineering has it’s uses. I watched Hurricaine Sandy, and I watched it do a 90 degree angle turn at New York. I watched the city being shut down and evacuated… and I wondered, I wondered…

  • John

    With the stunning announcement today of the ending of the London Silver Fix effective August 14th, 2014, we can mark this day, May 14th, 2014 as the day physical bullion/coins sets the true price. In other words, we will not have to wait til August 14 to see rapid price appreciation in SILVER. As of today, it’s game on!

    Get it while it is still available.

    • SGT

      It’s hard to believe this will put an end end to the manipulation with HFT and rampant criminality on Wall Street, but nonetheless:

      • Ed_B

        It is difficult to believe it when some long-desired goal finally comes to fruition. As others here have said, the manipulation of PM prices WILL continue until it simply can’t. This is looking as if the time of “can’t” is rapidly approaching.

        The bullion banks in London and New York have been in this manipulation game clear up to their eyeballs. Some are bailing out now and washing their hands of it all… IF they can. But the main thought that I want to share here is that whatever the goods are, their prices are set by those who actually have them for sale and not by those who do not. As the time of empty western vaults approaches, we will see a shift from the London / NY pricing axis to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. This shift will occur because these places are where their is bullion to sell. But the prices will not be the wimpy paper-smashed prices. They will be REAL prices. We will know that they are real prices because those offering them will be willing to buy OR sell physical PMs at the same prices plus a small commission. The thing is, the free market prices for PMs will be MUCH higher than the suppressed paper prices that we have now. So, while PMs are still on sale, get out there and BUY, BUY, BUY! Once these sales are over, we will not see them again. We are likely to see PM prices move higher by factors of 5-10x greater than we have today… and that is a conservative estimate.

  • John

    Sean, I think your comment reflects a normalcy bias to manipulation and not that I blame you or anyone else for having these convictions. We have all been beaten down over the years to the point we question a real news event to be celebrated and allow our cynicism to creep in. But sometimes, the truth is hiding in plain sight and this one of those times. The manipulation game has ended and it has been officially announced today. Keep in mind, the criminal enterprise of Silver Fixing has been around for 117 years. So, the fact that is has been ripped asunder tells you everything you need to know. They no longer have the metal to keep the charade working. The physical market now takes the baton.

  • AK

    Those folks who purchased precious metals seeking an instant gain or thinking that this it is a sure way to get rich quick, completely missed the point of buying in the first place. PMs are NOT investments and consequently you should not value your PMs the way you value traditional investments. Gold and Silver are your WAY OUT of an overleveraged, corrupt, manipulated, paper Ponzi system that is on the brink (more so than ever now with these real live events threatening the dollar) and are only held together by the Federal Reserve actions that are becoming ever more reactive and desperate. Gold and silver held outside of the banking system is your way of turning your back on a system that is so evil and so intent on destroying lives that any aware person simply should not want any part of it. That is the main reason why I converted by liquid net worth into precious metals and continue to do so as I have spare cash that I don’t want to hold in the bank. Yes, there have been times when I have questioned my decision but I always come back to the same theme and that is I am tired of a system that is designed to destroy us and I want no part of it….

    • Ed_B

      Good thoughts, AK. I have had many very similar ones. Unlike some, I am not disturbed by the falling PM prices of the past 3 years. It has been an EXCELLENT time to accumulate a decent stack and a lot of us have been doing just that. Personally, I really don’t care what I paid for the silver and gold that I now have. I tried my best to buy on price dips and usually, but not always, succeeded. My average cost per ounce is in the $26-27 range and I am just fine with that. Sure, it would have been great to have gotten in sooner but one does what one can when one can. Before I was stacking, I was investing in the stock market and doing pretty well with that. Those profits have fed my stack nicely, so I am probably not any worse off than someone who bought silver below $10 but didn’t invest in the stock market.

      My reasons for stacking are about the same as yours. I consider them as my financial insurance and a store of value that is not subject to loss of buying power due to inflation. Like any other form of long-term insurance, they do not have to pay off immediately to be assets that are well worth having. Does anyone buy a life insurance policy and then complain when it doesn’t pay off immediately? Nope, they are just happy to be alive! My stack is a family legacy and it will help my family survive most any hard times that come along. If I am alive to see it, OK. If not, then my kids and grand kids will benefit from it. Maybe someday when gold and silver are the ONLY money that is accepted for food, fuel, and other real goods, they will think of me and be thankful that “dad” or “grandpa” didn’t have to be hit in the face with a financial cow-pie to know that it would happen someday and that he wanted to protect his family from it… and did!

  • AK

    Sorry, I just realized that I posted my last comment to the wrong thread…

  • Eric

    I bet anything the show airs flawlessly. They are cornered. The whole world is against them and I believe this is the beginning of them being forced to tell the American People their true history.

    Reminds me of when Superman came back to Metropolis and stood up to Zod, Ursa, and Non.

    Maaaaaan this is gonna be SWEET!

  • Hannon

    “The ugly truth of the matter is that if these documents ever did exist they were last seen on October 29, 2012 in 50 feet of water in the basement of the DTCC vault at 55 Water Street in New York!”

    Isn’t that the same flooding indecent that washed Germany’s gold out to sea?

  • Dissolution

    I’m so glad to see that this issue was not totally forgotten about. I’ve been wondering about this, and it certainly has not escaped my memory, which I’m sure is what TPTB were betting on (as with everything else).

    Thanks for bringing it back into the discourse, Bix.

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