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Bond Moves Are A Bet On Where The Economy Is Headed

from KingWorldNews:

This particular May 17th of which I speak is a lovely day indeed in Manhattan. And this being 1792 and New York being the new capital of the new U.S., there are many citizens out and about to catch the spring airs. And more than a few of them are milling about a very popular joint, just off Wall Street, called the Merchants Coffee House. Personally, I believe this establishment owes its popularity less to its famous cheesecake (which is rather okay for NYC) and more to the beverage in its name.

For, while they actually do much of their beverage traffic in liquids other than coffee, it is quite helpful, upon arriving home, to be able to declaim to “she who suspects everything” that you have had a tough day at the Coffee House. (Somehow, even in 1792, “Honey, I had a tough day at the Ale House” smacks of underperformance.)

Another feature of this bistro is one that I particularly like. They have a table and bench on the lawn, under a large Buttonwood Tree. So, I am headed there on this particular morning for a flagon or two of “coffee”.

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