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Boko Haram kidnaps girls, Obama kills them with drones

by Mikael Thalen, Story Leak:

How many woman and children, elderly and infirmed has the ramped up drone program administered by Obama and Company (the CIA is also known as The Company) killed over the past five plus years?

Where the kidnapping of the Nigerian schoolgirls ought to be condemned and responded to in the most vigorous way, Boko Haram’s odious actions and US reactions have highlighted the ever-present double standard by which the Obama Administration operates.

It’s not okay to kidnap schoolgirls in Nigeria to use as political pawns, but it is acceptable to kill them with drones in Afghanistan?!

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1 comment to Boko Haram kidnaps girls, Obama kills them with drones

  • Ed_B

    One would think that president Obama would have PLENTY of tough problems on his plate right here in the USA. He was elected as the president of the USA and not the president of Africa, Uganda, or Kenya – qualified as he is for that last. If he can solve even SOME of our most challenging problems, THEN he can chase around the world looking for political points to score. But NOT before then.

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