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Bilderbergs Losing Control?

from Armstrong Economics:

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; There are people who claim you refuse to see the obvious that there is a group called the Bildebergs that they insist even Hillary Clinton admitted they do nothing without consulting them. It just seems absurd that these people point to such all powerful groups who control the world in unison yet they cannot agree in Congress. Are they blind to human nature? My field is psychology. What they suggest is impossible for no such group would ever have a perpetual consensus. Congress, U.N., and the EU parliament illustrate this fact of life. Do you think human nature could possibly be different for such groups? Seems impossible for me.

ANSWER: This idea of a one-world government has zero chance of ever unfolding. Human nature will never allow a single one-party government worldwide. To accomplish even such an attempt, it would ONLY happen after World War III emerging then from the ashes like Bretton Woods and the original purpose of the Bildeberg meetings. Honestly, it certainly seems that someone has sold an idea ahead of its time and that distracts people and the press from investigating the real threat – the government agenda to eliminate democracy and the prevailing political corruption.

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