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BANKRUPTCY CRISIS: More U.S. Cities Set To File

from Fabian4Liberty:

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8 comments to BANKRUPTCY CRISIS: More U.S. Cities Set To File

  • scott

    Time will eventually prove Meredith Whitney knew exactly what was coming when she said five years ago (and MSM laughed at her) that 100 municipalities were going under. Touche’ Meredith!

  • Jeff

    She was just way too early but your are right, she did make the call and she did get mocked. She’s quite an attractive lady as well.

  • Ag1969

    A lot of people were right about a lot of things 5 years ago, and they were all mocked by the propaganda machine.

    Mortgage fraud, Libor Manipulation, Forex Manipulation, Gold and Silver rigging, energy market rigging, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and on and on.

    Unfortunately, this is not about getting the last laugh, it is about whether or not one can survive the storm that is about to blow upon our nation.

    It is simply stunning to me that more people don’t see the big picture of what has gone on here; the largest ponzi in world history happened right under our noses, all while we experienced the dawn of the “Information Age.” Breathtaking!

  • c.i.

    Very Strange This

  • Ag1969

    Huh, I wonder why my comment was removed?

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