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Bachelor of Science in Truth Studies

by Dr. Jerome, TF Metals Report:

I recall being about 7 years old and looking at the globe. I could see that South America fit right up next to Africa almost perfectly. I really wanted to understand why…

Later as a freshman in college in 1978, I enrolled in a geology class. But curiously, our textbook, published in 1976, said little about one of the most important geological theories of our day: Plate tectonics. In of the 350 pages only one half a page outlined the theory. Modern geology texts give the “theory” at least a chapter (35 pages) and more. Why the difference? What happened? Well, two central critics (from Cambridge and Yale) opposed the theory, keeping it out of textbooks for over 60 years. Their motives likely involved fear of the new paradigm, or an overturning of their own research.


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9 comments to Bachelor of Science in Truth Studies

  • Ed_B

    “I recall being about 7 years old and looking at the globe. I could see that South America fit right up next to Africa almost perfectly. I really wanted to understand why…”

    I remember making that very same observation in the 5th grade in 1959. My teacher told me not to be “so silly”. HA! Little did she know! lol

  • James

    This was a great article Sean and hopefully I can get your feedback.
    The last time I emailed you I challenged your paradigm with a theory that the Rockefeller Foundation was not as bad as you have pressed before.

    Your reply was “I have always responded to you respectfully, and will do so once again.

    We must all find our own way in this tumultuous world. Having lived on this planet at least two decades longer than you James, I’ve found mine.

    May you find yours.” – followed with a infamous quote from David Rockefeller quote.

    We’ll. I think I know most of your thesis, not saying I disagree. What do you know about my thesis other than bring older than me.
    Just saying. I provide a 40 page document to back my thesis. You post information daily to support your thesis. Where Iis the common ground and what part of both thesis are true?

    Take care.

    • jonathan

      James if you are stupid enough to believe that the people who funded Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, who incorporated Eugenics into modern day medicine and who monopolized industries like the chemical industry and the petroleum industry industries which caused massive suffering over the last hundred years. If you are stupid enough to believe these people were not so bad you’re fucking retarded. Why would you write a 40 page document exposing your retardation to the world?

  • James

    I’m gonna repeat myself. I know your thesis. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’ve done that research.
    Thanks for the attack it shows your intelligence I shared a 40 page document I did not write.

    Nice label though. Retarded. Did you happen to read that article by NPR on how the worlds richest just gathered and the prince said reconfigure capitalism to save the planet. Next time someone is reaching out to the person who manages a website why don’t you just stay out of it since you don’t know what the conversation is about.

    Back to the point. I know your thesis, do you know mine, and we both have evidence.. Where is the common ground.

    • jonathan

      It doesn’t matter what your thesis is when you’re thesis is based on a retarded assumption that the Rockefeller Foundation is either not involved in the evil actions we have more than enough evidence they are involved in or your assumption that the Rockefeller Foundation has justifiable reasons for being involved in the evil actions they were involved in. You are retarded because you are not intelligent enough to understand that no excuse and no attempt to minimize their involvement justifies the evil they committed.

  • jonathan

    Anyone can sit their and write a thesis on why the pedophiles in the Catholic Church were not that bad and here is their complex, manipulative thesis on how they attempt to soften the hearts of people opposed to the Catholic Priest Pedophiles. We know the techniques of manipulators like you, first you soften the anger of those who oppose you then you can promote your propaganda without any impassioned opposition exposing your lies.

  • jonathan

    By the way the fact that the word “retarded” is part of my vocabulary has no effect on the level of my intelligence.

  • James

    Why does your thesis matter then? Did you even read this article lol. Or my comments on how I am not disagreeing with you? What am I even trying to manipulate? I’m saying where is the common ground in the two thesis. And I know you have low intelligence because their is possessive and you just dismiss my questions, attack and don’t have anything substantive to say.

    I guess the thesis of plate tectonics doesn’t matter. Or any theories for that matter because all theories can be proved wrong and that’s what thesis are, theories. We accept authority to provide a thesis and people have theories on the world. Keep following that theory of yours. You are your own authority and have been unwilling to engage in critical thinking just like this article has said. Nice attacks again.

    Show me where I have minimized any involvement when I have acknowledge your thesis. ?

    This is fun by the way. I wish I had a keyboard.

    • jonathan

      I don’t need a theory regarding the evil of the Rockefeller Foundation I have undeniable evidence there is no theories required. If your theory is exposing the evils of the Rockefeller Foundation as opposed to minimizing their involvement in evil acts or justifying them then, my bad, good on you, but guess what we don’t need a 40 page thesis exposing their evil this was exposed decades ago lets move past it, accept reality and convict this criminal operation under the laws regarding the Proceeds of Crime.

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