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America Brings Hell to Ukraine as Part of its Plan for World Domination

from Global Research:

Washington’s pell-mell rush to the brink of war against the giants of Eurasia is awesome in its recklessness. “The feverish pace of the Asia pivot meant to encircle China is matched only by the plan to dispatch Russia economically – and ultimately, militarily.”

Because of American intervention, Ukraine is embroiled in what can only be described as a civil war. For the past two weeks, the Ukrainians coupists supported by the United States and NATO have openly massacred their fellow citizens with the tacit approval of the White House and without exposure from the American corporate media.

The United States behaves like a caricature of action movie villains, an evil empire which foments violence around the world in order to have its way. Yet there is nothing cartoonish about the dead people in Iraq and Afghanistan and Somalia and Syria and now Ukraine. There is no great mystery to America’s awful but very simple motive.

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1 comment to America Brings Hell to Ukraine as Part of its Plan for World Domination

  • Ed_B

    There is NO shortage of intervention in Ukraine by either the West or the East. This is a land where East meets West and all of the tensions between these two is manifest in physical form.

    That said, there are tensions and hatred from many years in the past that have simmered just below the surface that are now boiling over. Because of the main scream media ignoring the culpability of DC in all this, most of us turn to the alternative media on the Internet. This is yet another reason why so many main scream outlets are losing readers and viewers at break-neck speed. But do not ever think that Russia has no hand in stirring this pot. They are doing so and for all they are worth.

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