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Aloe Vera: Effective Preventative Medicine for Cancer

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

The term angiogenesis is one every cancer patient should be familiar with. Even those who don’t yet have cancer but want to avoid getting the disease should familiarize themselves with the term. Angiogenesis is the production of new blood vessels that feed cancerous tumors. Without new blood vessels, cancer cells, and therefore cancerous tumors, cannot live.

Fortunately, there are ways to inhibit the creation of new blood vessels that feed cancerous cells, and one of them is simply the use of Aloe Vera gel.

Laboratory studies conducted on test tube cancer cells as well as cancerous cells in animals concluded that the active substances in Aloe Vera leaves, the very same plant that Hawaiians have used for centuries to treat skin conditions and to boost immunity, are also very effective at prohibiting angiogenesis in cancerous cells.

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1 comment to Aloe Vera: Effective Preventative Medicine for Cancer

  • Ed_B

    Articles like this make me wonder at the effect of making a gel of this material, adding some colloidal silver to it, and injecting it into a tumor. Someone in the medical R&D area should try this and see what happens. Could be quite effective.

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