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A Response to “Ideas Concerning A Post-Collapse World”

by JLF, Survival Blog:

If one understands the Declaration of Independence and the Republican form of government, reforming the Union of States (and their people) is a viable goal. Cooperation in the defense of private property rights from predation is one justification for the necessary evil of government.

However, I would not suggest using the Constitution as a model, since it was flawed from inception. It would require extensive modification to accurately define the relationship of the sovereign people with the servant government and its servants, the citizenry, with regard to rights and liberties (natural and personal). It would also need to explicitly bar enforcing contracts for usury, prohibit limited liability, and cease limiting lawful money to species coin. Furthermore, it would have to clearly delineate the difference between the right to absolutely own private property versus qualified ownership of estate (a privilege, subject to taxation and regulation).

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