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A Design Flaw With Our System And Politicians

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

Everywhere in America there is frustration with our political ‘leaders’ and politicians. Approval ratings are near or at all-time lows, and many Americans are blaming this politician or that politician, or this party or that party as the reason for the problems at hand.

I hear many say, “Throw the bums out! Vote for the incumbent!”

However, the thing is, the underlying problems are much deeper than the players on the field. Changing the players or even the teams, is absolutely irrelevant…

Years ago (many many years ago), our representatives were working members of our communities who were elected to represent the interests of the community. They had jobs, real jobs. They ran businesses. They were themselves employed-engaged-productive members of the neighborhood and local society. Their practical working knowledge of their locality and region coupled with their ability to effectively communicate made them excellent candidates to represent the voters of said region – as was the intent of the founding fathers of this nation.

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