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3 Cash Flow Machines I Am Buying for My Children

from visionvictory

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1 comment to 3 Cash Flow Machines I Am Buying for My Children

  • Fred Hayek

    Look, those are nice stories but the fact that company X kept paying out a dividend through the civil war is almost meaningless. So what? Are they going to bring Jedidiah Q. Financier, the company’s president back then back to life and have him run the company? You’re stuck with the company that exists now. The company’s executives from 150 years ago don’t run it from the great beyond.

    And no company is a lock to be around for your kids decades from now. Needs change, tastes change, political and economic environments change. All of these things could be working in favor of company X and you could still have a CEO run it into the ground.

    At first glance I don’t see why anyone should pay for this service. Because you found out from a little research that company X had that history through the Civil War? So what? Explain why it won’t go to crap 10 or 20 years from now.

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