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Dollar Collapse Starts in Late 2014-Charles Nenner

from USA Watchdog:

Renowned financial analyst Charles Nenner has been studying cycles to predict all major markets for the past three decades.

Does all the global manipulation in the markets make a difference to the timing of the cycles? Nenner says, “It doesn’t . . . all these things have nothing to do with the way the markets behave. They are part of the market behavior.” Nenner gives Former Fed Head Alan Greenspan as an example. Nenner explains, “Greenspan and his guys were part of the market. So, if it would be so that you could manipulate the markets, then we could not predict; and since we predict with much success, then it proves there is no influence whatsoever.”

On the inflation/deflation question, Nenner predicts both, but first deflation. Nenner says, “We are holding on to the deflation scenario. I think we are going into deflation. I still think we are going to a Japan scenario. It doesn’t mean that in a couple of years we won’t have super-inflation.” Nenner adds everything is on a cycle, including interest rates, and goes on to say, “Interest rates go up 30 years and 30 years down; and if you start counting back, in two to four years, we should go back to the old highs of 18% or so.” Nenner says governments “want” and “need” inflation. Nenner explains, “Everybody in the end wants the inflation; otherwise, the deficits are going to be huge.”

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  • Rodster

    I love it how these newsletter salesman try and hook subscribers with dates. Most of these guys including Celente have missed the mark when things will happen. At least Paul Craig Roberts doesn’t put dates on future events and Celente is now backing off from postmarking events in the future.

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