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10 Outrageous Crimes The Banksters Hope You Forget

by Mick Meaney, Rebellious Investigative News & Film:

It’s long been established that the financial system is infiltrated and controlled by criminals, however recent scandals and the economic crash of 2008 has diverted attention away from other misdeeds which should not be ignored. This report hopes to serve as a reminder that widespread corruption within the banking industry is nothing new, in fact you could say it was built that way. So here we’re going to look at just a handful of crimes that the banksters hope you forget:

Iran Contra: In the Iran Contra scandal, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International revealed how it aided the CIA and other intelligence agencies in laundering billions of dollars in financial fraud, illegal drugs deals, and other crimes.

“Allocated” Gold Scam: In August 2005 Morgan Stanley were forced to settle a class-action law suit for duping their clients. The bank sold precious metal under false pretences, claiming that it was bought and stored by the company when in fact the bank went ahead and invested in lesser value stocks and securities.

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