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The Bill of Rights: MEANINGLESS WITHOUT Amendment #2

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7 comments to The Bill of Rights: MEANINGLESS WITHOUT Amendment #2

  • Rodster

    That picture is PRICELESS !

  • Ed_B

    At their very heart, all tyrants and would-be tyrants are cowards. Stand up to them, show some grit and determination, and they will back down. Not that any of us thinks that this is all over and done, of course. They may not have any guts but they do have persistence… like chiggers. lol

  • Gary

    I have long maintained that without the Second, all others including the Constitution are meaningless words on paper.

    • Ed_B

      The 2nd is, indeed, the guarantor of all other amendments AND the US Constitution itself. This is why the people in DC are so eager to “control” guns. It’s just so much easier to do whatever one wants when The People cannot oppose them in any way. The Founding Fathers would never have understood or allowed ANY government to establish constitutional-free zones in THEIR country. Yet, we see it all the time these days.

  • iguana green

    We must never allow the tyrants to impair or infringe on the 2nd. Never.

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