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Why You Were Bullied

from Stefan Molyneux:

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1 comment to Why You Were Bullied


    I did not have this problem after I found out that once I slugged them in the face… they did not want to even try to bully me…However, it started out they would slug me in the face, and then, take off running…so, it got to where I would let them slug me in the face and I would grab them real fast with my left hand [got tired of having to chase them down] and then, work them over with my right hand…worked real good for me…after about 3 of these public encounters… I had no more problems with the thug wantabee’s….

    Also, I noticed the other’s that would not stand up for their rights…they would be bullied just about all the time….

    Yes…a fist in the face works real good to get the bullies off ones back…and, it still does…because, everyone understands a fist in the face….


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