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When I Look at Candy, All I See Is Petrochemicals and GMO

by Melissa Melton, TruthStreamMedia:

I’ve seen it all over Facebook. PETA is sharing a picture of candy that illustrates exactly where the gelatin in much of it comes from — and person after person after person in the comments is talking about how “amazing” all these processed candies are and how they don’t really care at all where their “food” comes from.

PETA is right on this, for the record. Not only is that exactly where non-vegetarian gelatin comes from (the majority in America is said to come from pig skins, but it can also come from other animals including cows and fish), but due to the nature of the way the leftovers are collected, the production of gelatin has been known to be somewhat…inconsistent, to say the very least.

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2 comments to When I Look at Candy, All I See Is Petrochemicals and GMO

  • Frank Zak

    It’s amazing schools don’t teach kids
    about diet.

    After reading SGt Report, I have stopped
    eating GMO’s.

    Incredible information has come out about
    vegetarians. I have been one since 1976.

    Death rate the same as meat eaters in studies
    of 28,000 people. Why ?

    It turns out vegetarians don’t get enough
    Omega 3’s. Flax Seed oil imperative supplement.
    It will increase veggies lifespan 10 years over
    meat eaters.

  • Frank Zak

    Did you know 5 glasses of water a day gives you 50%
    less chance of heart attack and stroke.

    2 cups coffee lowers risk of liver cancer 60%.
    4 cups cuts diabetes in half. New study.

    5 servings of nuts a week 50% less heart

    Increases is Vitiman d and e proven not to increase life
    span in clinical trials.

    Lycopene (and mevalonate is better) stop 45% of all cancers from

    Curcumin with Bioperine is a miracle cancer cure.
    Drug companies petetioned FDA to get tumeric
    classified as drug for years so they could
    patent it.

    Resveratrol cured Mish Shedlock of postate cancer
    after positive biopsies. If he took saw palmetto
    critically extracted with it ,it would have had double effect.
    Gingerol and lycopene also cure.

    Miracle new herb. Algae, called asraxanthin, has
    6,000 times antioxidants as vitiman c and 600
    more then vitiman e. Totally safe.

    Did you know G Edward Griffith made a movie
    on the miracle cure of B-17. Apricot pits.
    It is banned in USA. See on You Tube

    Did you know Sussane Sumers cured her breast cancer
    with Iscador, mistletoe extract from Europe.

    Did yo know there is a doctor curing most cancers
    by putting baking soda injections on tumors ?

    Puritan’s Pride has this stuff. Except B 17 and Iscador.

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