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What the conflict in Eastern Europe is really about

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

The images out of Ukraine these days are dramatic. Protest and counter-protest, takeovers of government offices, confrontations between paramilitary forces, military drills by NATO and counter drills by Russia.

All of these make for flashy tv news updates. Similarly, stories about Jews in Eastern Europe being asked to register, World War II style, make for sensational headlines and allow for outrage and denunciations from preening politicians…even if the story is completely made up.

Images of a glowering Putin over ominous warnings of the rise of Russia make for good newspaper fodder in this age of declining readership and bankrupt newsrooms.

But this is not what the conflict in Ukraine is about. If you want to see the real war between Russia and the EU, you have to look beyond the diplomatic sniping and military posturing, as colorful and distracting as it may be. No, for the real story you have to do what all good investigators do: follow the money.

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