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Bundy Ranch – Sen. Harry Reid and His $5 Billion Chinese Solar Panel Deal!

from FreeRadioRevolution:

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5 comments to Bundy Ranch – Sen. Harry Reid and His $5 Billion Chinese Solar Panel Deal!

  • Sharon Votaw

    Why on earth does Fox news not jump on this? I know why the mainstream news (?) people do not but the population must get the info. My liberal friends look down their superior noses at me. I cannot arouse any interest in this info.

    • SGT

      Hey Sharon, Fox News is controlled media, make no mistake. O’Reilley? Gretta? Hannity?? Very little hardcore truth is broadcast from that network… is it better than CNN? Yes. But it’s still very much controlled media and meant to lead “Conservatives” down the primrose path of Globalism. You will NEVER hear them talk about U.N. Agenda 21 on that network, which is at the heart of the Bundy Ranch land grab.

  • Joan Mootry

    Zionists control 96% of the media:

    And the entertainment industry:

    It is in their best interest to foment hatred between the right and the left, hence FOX vs MSNBC both of which are basically owned by the same people. This divisiveness is intended to keep the American people focused on each other as the enemy instead of the real perpetrators – the Zionist banksters and their NWO cabal.

  • shortyshappy

    When is this going to be exposed for what it is…..GREED! Ol’ Harry just might go down with this if it gets enough coverage. Share this and keep it going!

  • royboy

    I too am perplexed by Fox News. This is easily verifiable stuff such as the sale of the land from Clark County to the BLM which is on record at the County recorders office along with revenue stamps on the Grant Deed to show what was paid.

    I just returned from South Africa and shut Fox News off in the middle of programing.

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