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U.S. Exports A Record Amount Of Gold To Hong Kong In January

by Steven St. Angelo, SRS Rocco:

The figures are out and it looks like the United States exported a record amount of gold to Hong Kong in January. Not only was this a one month record… it was a WHOPPER indeed.

Last year, the U.S. exported a total of 215 metric tons of gold bullion to Hong Kong. This was not the total amount of gold exported to Hong Kong as some smaller quantities of Dore’ and precipitates made their way to the country as well.

However, Hong Kong received more gold than any other country… Switzerland came in second at 150 metric tons. The table below shows the breakdown in U.S. Gold Bullion exports:

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2 comments to U.S. Exports A Record Amount Of Gold To Hong Kong In January

  • chairmanwow

    And to think that the logistics of moving half that much gold, half as far was to difficult just last year, do u believe in merkels

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    America is losing its gold to pay off its debt. If Americans want to retain their sovereignty, you are going to have to reprice your dollar to gold and then ship it over. That way you get to keep your land. Paramountly urgent that this is done.

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