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To hell with the stock market, EVERYTHING IS RIGGED

from Elliott Wave Technology:

We are not heading toward a collapse, it’s here.

It’s now more than five-years in, and we have only just begun to witness the long-term effects of global economic collapse. With overwhelming evidentiary cause, far too many of us fear that the worst is yet to come. It is clear to anyone with a pulse, there remains a systemic criminal fraud entrenched at the highest levels of power and beyond.

Despite the multitude of epic crimes against humanity, sadly, a highly compartmentalized trickle-down effect of corruption has proven to be a resounding success. Catherine Austin Fitts refers to the unfolding collapse (which thus far remains “plausibly deniable” according to officialdom’s mainstream media repeaters) as the “slow-burn” collapse. We think she’s onto something.

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2 comments to To hell with the stock market, EVERYTHING IS RIGGED

  • Ed_B

    “An immensely powerful negative feedback loop is virtually impossible to self-correct, and that is exactly what most of the bad actors have inadvertently spawned.”

    An otherwise interesting article but the fact is, ALL negative feedback loops are self-correcting. That is their inherent nature and what the term “negative” implies; it is unable to continue because is it not positively reinforced. It is positive feedback loops that become uncontrollable, as they feed on their own building momentum with no control placed on their actions.

  • Joe

    Thanks Ed, I stand corrected on the nature of that feedback loop.

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