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This Means War: US To Target Putin’s Personal $40 Billion Stash

from Zero Hedge:

While the White House has continually threatened further sanctions against Russia for non-de-escalation (even as it un-de-escalates itself), the specifics of the additional sanctions have been sparse. German CEO warnings over blowback from economic sanctions… the “nonsense” of replacing Russian gas with US gasthe Russian warnings of “interdependence” and “boomerangs”… all reduce the West’s arsenal of financial sanctions. But, as The Times of London reports, perhaps the US has found a crucial pain point for Putin – a sanctions regime that would target Putin’s personal wealth, which includes a reported $40 billion stashed in Swiss bank accounts.

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3 comments to This Means War: US To Target Putin’s Personal $40 Billion Stash

  • J

    So “they” know where Putin’s bank accounts are but no one knows where Obamba was born?

    Where is Celente’s Bullshit Button?

  • Ed_B

    IMO, all this silly sanctions activity ought to be ended. Putin could do that via telling the Europeans that no oil or gas will flow from East to West until the sanctions are removed. Yes, Russia needs to sell these natural resources but they do not need to sell them to the EU. They can just as easily sell them to China, India, and other Asian nations that would be very glad to get the energy.

    The time for selling things, such as oil and gas, that have intrinsic value for un-backed paper money that does not, are about over. The future is coming very quickly when one will need to give up something of intrinsic value if one wishes to buy something else also of intrinsic value. When the resource rich nations of the Earth decide that they have had enough of the inflation / deflation / and other bankster games, they will implement a policy of only selling their energy for gold, silver, food, electric power, and other items of true worth. Paper? PFFFT!

  • jerry

    LOL when they start the war , guess where the first the 1st IBM will be delivered

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