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The Ugly Dirty Rotten Effects Of Inflation

from Silver Phoenix 500:

nflation is the dominant monetary policy; this is no secret. Western central banks have publicly targeted inflation for years, as part of financial repression policy (to reduce debt).

This is the underlying (monetary) reason to hold hard assets – precious metals being the easiest of options to hold outside of the system.The investing public has taken advantage of the inflation meme. Investors count on the Fed to be the lender of last resort. The mainstream believes, without understanding, that monetary policy leaders can and will fix any future roadblocks. If retirement for enough Americans depends on the value of real estate, there is a significant and organized public interest in support of the policy.Most accept, without much consideration, the grand hypocrisy of the Fed and other programmatic and telegraphed targeting, whether by means of interest rates, unemployment, or GDP – all of which have very little to do with reality. The problem is that inflation policies create a very dangerous kind of non-reality. And, sadly, one that threatens to have long term effects on what remains of the real economy.The result is not only loss of purchasing power, but loss of quality of life.Inflation created by real organic growth can be normal when connected with sound money. Money limited by overspending.There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Limitless Free Lunch.

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