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The Truth About Taxes

from Stefan Molyneux:

Something to help ease the pain on tax day…

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7 comments to The Truth About Taxes

  • Since I have truly no other way to contact you, I must first apologize for doing so in this manner (in addition to a tweet sent your way).

    I am both a U.S. Veteran and Oath Keeper from the cryptocommunity and a longtime silver bug. The community I have found myself to be part of is largely led by a guy named Daniel Larimer and he is working to create Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACs). His starting work is with a Decentralized (and thus incorruptible) Bank and Exchange. It is my belief that once people begin using these types of exchanges, central authorities will be unable to manipulate their prices by leveraging their inside connections…and this will be the catalyst for a real valuation of the PM’s.

    He is very aware of people like Chris Duane and other members of the liberty community and wishes to speak with individuals who are working in this space. Needless to say, I thought of you and would like to find a way to set up a meeting between the both of you. Also, he believes he can convert Chris Duane to seeing the value of these technologies. The reason for this is that these forms of technologies are eventually going to make the “elite’s” infrastructure and governments obsolete.

    Oddly, it is difficult “breaking through” the walls put up between myself and most of the alternative media as contact information is largely unavailable…It is my sincere hope that you will try to help me change the world–What I am doing is free work (I am not being paid to try to make these connections) in hopes that my baby will live in a world devoid of coercion and force.

    If you read this, please give me a chance to help you and Dan form a relationship that will both keep him in check and give yourself and the rest of the liberty movement the tools that the elite will otherwise assimilate and use against us.



  • Brian

    I enjoyed reading that book however it left a huge gap. Why did PH and his wife go to jail? How can you get convicted in court and jailed? Something was missing. The part PH missed has to do with the very nature of the money issued to you in exchange for a paycheck (negotiable instrument). When you just sign the back of a paycheck and give it to the bank to deposit or cash what form of money do you get?

    Now read very carefully this court case and you may find the manner in which they win everytime against poor uniformed chumps:

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