The Phaserl



from Cliven n Carol Bundy:

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  • Matt Sobol


    My ancestors granted you the right of being as a beneficial symbiote. In my apathy I allowed you to devolve into a parasite.

    Your physiology is built upon deception. You engineer the collective, and drive it to the abattoir.

    Your license is sustained by your monopoly of violence in all its forms. My compliance enables your reality.

    In your maturity, direct action serves only to strengthen your bid for omnipotence. However, your present and future depend upon me.


    I am not your livestock. My creations are not your possessions.

    I will no longer support your system. I will create no thing that empowers you.

    I will confound you in a myriad of ways. I will clog your systems, and back up your drains.

    I will cause you to expend one thousand times what you collect. I will bleed you of strength. I will convert your energy into resistance.

    I will inoculate all that I contact against you. I will assist only those who see you. I will prepare my sphere to rebuild on the compost of your demise.

    I revoke your right to exist.

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