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The Stealth Rally: Gold Under the Radar

By Peter Schiff, Gold Seek:

So far, 2014 has been a paradoxical year for gold. Many investors aren’t even aware that it has rallied almost 8%. On the rare occasion that the financial media mentions the yellow metal, it is only in the context of comparing the recent rise to last year’s decline.

In spite of this overwhelming negative sentiment, gold is experiencing a stealth rally as one of the best performing assets of the year. Let’s look at some important metrics of the most under-valued sector in this market.

Speculations Reversed — So many investors want to believe that last year was the death knell for the yellow metal that they’ve stop paying attention to the technical metrics responsible for driving the price down. These metrics have already started to reverse.

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1 comment to The Stealth Rally: Gold Under the Radar

  • Ed_B

    “Anyone who really buys the story of economic recovery is likely riding a wave of irrational exuberance after a year in which the major indices hit record high after record high. They don’t express the slightest concern that the stock market is already in dangerous bubble territory.”

    I agree. The truth is, there is no recovery. What we are seeing in today’s market is a 1-2 punch of company share buy-backs reducing the number of shares available at the exact same time that the Fed is shoveling tons of cheap money into the big NY banks and other favorite financial companies… who then buy UST paper AND stocks. This is called inflation… too many dollars chasing too little product. This is the inflation that Bernanke never admitted was happening. Clearly, he knew what was going on but pretended that he did not.

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