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A 2014 precious metals discussion with writer and researcher Michael Noonan from Edge Trader Plus. Michael reminds us that Gold and Silver ARE MONEY. He also reminds us that all of the gold in Fort Knox is gone, and the elite’s don’t want to call attention to what’s NOT there. The elite – the ROTHSCHILDS and ROCKEFELLERS do not want gold and silver to be in competition with their FIAT currencies, so they malign the precious metals without end. Join us for this wide ranging, in-depth conversation. You can find Michael’s work daily at

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  • Long John Silver

    Excellent interview, and someone that says 2014 may be just like 2013.. I like when I hear truth!!

    I’m tired of the doom and gloom, but this one hit the spot!!

    Keep up the great work!!

  • Eric

    Yea! Thanks guys. This is a MUST listen!

    Gold is the money of Kings
    Silver is the money of Gentlemen
    Barter is the money of peasants
    Debt is the money of slaves
    Fiat digital blip toilet paper is the money of Ignorant Morons!

    Ignorance = don’t know and don’t care.

    But they WILL care. Oh will they care.

    • SGT

      Nice of you to say guys, thanks for tuning in.

    • Ed_B

      “But they WILL care. Oh will they care.”

      Indeed they will. But, like sheep led to the slaughter-house, it will not be until the VERY last minute that they recognize that they are not merely heading into a new pen with fresh food and water available. Of course, by then, it will be too late to avoid becoming mutton.

  • Brian

    Sean, good interview.

    A few points I’d like to make. The power to coin money and REGULATE the value thereof gives congress the power to make the dollar whatever it wants. Gold..Silver..Copper..Zinc..Wood. I once thought as you that the coinage act of 1792 means the dollar must be silver but it’s not the case unfortunately.

    Your guest is correct in that you must avoid using bank credit of any form (FRN’s are but one form of that credit/debt). This is the mechanism by which they control us. Unfortunately the path to use other forms of sovereign U.S. money has been narrowed down to just one and it’s not pretty but it’s all we have at this time in history.

  • Dunimir

    It’s NOT Crimean gold they stole it was Ukrainian. Come on Sean, don’t let your guests make these mistakes.

  • Thursday 10 April 2014

    Congressional power to “regulate the value thereof” was to
    ensure that the weight of coins would be uniform in value,
    per content of silver and gold. Congress cannot make the
    “dollar” whatever it wants. The lawful dollar is clearly
    defined in the Coinage Act of 1792, and it remains on the
    books. Sometime in the 1860s – 1870s, a federal constitution
    was put in place by the de facto federal govement. It replaced
    the organic Constitution that almost all Americans believe is
    still valid.

    The Coinage Act of 1792 IS the case. The unfortunate part is
    people’s ignorance of law and truth.

    The Repubilcan form of government, under which this country
    was founded, has been replaced by a de facto corporate federal
    democracy, one of the worst possible forms of govenment. Under
    the federal constitution, Congress can do whatever it wants
    without any restrictions. This is a very simplified response
    to an incredibly complex situation.

    FRN’s are pure debt, not credit in any way.

    In the interview, I made the mistake of saying the Coinage
    Act declared a lawful dollar was 371.25 ounces of silver,
    when I meant to say 371.25 grains of pure silver. THAT is
    the only lawful definition of a dollar. FRNs are NOT dollars,
    depsite the word appearing on each debt instrument. The
    grand deception lives on.

    I also metioned gold stolen from Crimea, when I was supposed
    to be saying Ukraine. I was chewing gum at the time.

    What the de facto corporate federal government enables the Fed
    to circulate as money has not “been narrowed down to just one.”
    Some who are aware will exchange goods and services for gold
    and silver; some will barter for an agreed upon exchange. If
    one does not seek out alternatives, then yes, s/he is stuck
    with false beliefs there is no alternative, only in their minds.

    It is a complex issue to explain in just a few sentences due
    to the immense deception behind every aspect of an explanation.
    This is why I often encourage people to do their own due
    diligence. The information is out there, but it gets harder
    and harder to find as the truth continues to get buried by
    administrative efforts.

  • Steve_D

    Thanks for clearing that up Michael, great interview.

  • Tom G.

    Very level-headed interview. MN is right that you can discern things from the charts. They are just a historical record of price action. I also, like MN,(as I mentioned in my article in Jan) don’t see anything happening in the metals this year, at least not till late Fall. I found it refreshing that he diplomatically took some of the same people to task that I also did in my previous articles. These guys are still calling for $40 silver and $2000 gold by year’s end. I don’t see it.

    This phony economy will go on until the FED can’t defend 3.0 on the 10yr. I stated that back in Jan. and Andy Hoffman sees this as well.

    I just really enjoyed listening to someone that is not prone to hyperbole. (Andy’s interview was good too.)

    Thank you Mr. Noonan, Sean, and Rory. (How’s that fridge working Rory?)

  • Z

    He goes into doublespeak on the subject of “charting”. On one hand he says that the PM markets are manipulated and the charts show this. Then he says that the charts show normal market activity like bottoming and flushing out the weaker hands, etc. So who controls the markets, the manipulators or the traders? One thing that he is right about is that J. Willie has been wrong about a lot of things (“although he provides a lot of useful information”)… I know because “the voice” told me so.

  • daniel palmer

    look, the debt is fake, the world debt is a fraud, a lie, why do you insist, silver CANNOT reach 500 10,000, the dollar will be refused long before then, silver may get to 50, would you sell your silver for fifty worthless dolalrs, nooooo, so how can it go to 500,,,,the world debt is fake, banklers lend nothing, laws of lawful consideration, you only owe what you borrowed, you borrow nothing, pay them back nothing,,,,,contact lowell becraft for his money breif,

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