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The Rise of Digital Currency

from CrushTheStreet:

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3 comments to The Rise of Digital Currency

  • J

    The latest and the greatest… It ignores the fact that no system will work well when the people who control it are dishonest.

    And that is the accepted norm of the system that we have today and have lived in since financiers (money lenders) & politicians figured out that it is easy to con trusting people out of their hard earned money…

  • fuznuts

    @J I 100% agree. Bitcoin WAS a great idea but now there are far better cryptocurrencies in existence (and even cryptoequities). It really all comes down to whether they are “mined” using ASICs or not.

    Look up Dan Larimer on youtube and watch his stuff, then look into his whitepaper on Delegated Proof of Stake. Essentially imagine if the entire Bitcoin network were to vote on the most trustworthy nodes in the entire network with every single transaction processed and enable them to process payments based on the trust and efficiency they prove themselves to have over their competition. If a node loses its place as being in the top trusted nodes to a different node, then it automatically loses its position.

    Now if only Congress could be like this, we’d have a Congress with 99.8% approval at all times (or they would lose their jobs as soon as someone more trustworthy and effective came along). Bitcoiners do not like Dan Larimer…because he is going to destroy their monopoly. Bankers are invested in Bitcoin, though, so get ready to continue seeing these videos all about Bitcoin and get ready to see “bitcoin 2.0” stuff like Ethereum, backed by Goldman Sachs, who will come out acting like they want to free people when in fact all they want to do is get their money invested in their system so they can become the new elite.

    Very interesting times…and there are MANY functions to the blockchain that can be weaponized against us. To think the Governments around the world have not already been considering how is naive. If they figure out a way to attach drones to these kinds of networks…we might find ourselves in a bit of trouble.

  • B.M.

    Notice what this is all about. Migration to an a digital currency. Sound familiar? That because Bitcoin is THE trojan horse created by the CIA for the purpose of getting the sheeple to willingly switch to an all digital currency.

    It’s another classic example of the elite using a diabolical plan to lead the unaware sheeple to the slaughter.

    Wake up folks!

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