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The One Bank’s “Economics War”

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

It’s Tuesday April 29th, and the subject-of-the-day is Wall Street’s “economic terrorism”. Regular readers will recall this term as being a regular part of my vocabulary for a couple of years, in particular, as I chronicled the economic destruction (and political subjugation) of Europe.

But once again it appears that this term is going to become a frequent component in my vocabulary — except this time the One Bank’s economic terrorism is global, rather than being limited to a mere continent of some 400 million people.

The carnage from this global economic rampage is now just being SEEN in these other once-prosperous economies. You can practically sense the glee as Bloomberg documents the suffering (and rising crime) in Brazil’s huge population. Brazil is one of the world’s largest/most-important NON-ALIGNED (i.e. non-fascist) nations — as one of the “BRICS”. Thus crippling Brazil’s economy is especially important to the One Bank, and we can expect its mouthpieces in the propaganda machine to come up with more so-called “journalism” of this nature.

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