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The Mark: Scientist Claims Human Microchip Implants Will Become “Not Optional”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Technologies designed specifically to track and monitor human beings have been in development for at least two decades.

In the virtual realm, software programs are now capable of watching us in real time, going so far as to make predictions about our future behaviors and sending alerts to the appropriate monitoring station depending on how a computer algorithm flags your activities. That is in and of itself a scary proposition.

What may be even scarier, however, is what’s happening in the physical realm. According to researches working on human-embedded microchips it’s only a matter of time before these systems achieve widespread acceptance.

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5 comments to The Mark: Scientist Claims Human Microchip Implants Will Become “Not Optional”

  • Eric

    It will definitely be increasingly difficult to avoid. However, I almost never carry my mobile phone around unless I travel more than 5-10 miles from my house and you can always find ways to wrap things so they block scanners. I’m not so sure we all need to conform to society so that we are not disadvantaged. Wouldn’t it be more natural to connect with the earth rather than buy and sell, have credit cards and bank accounts? Is it so hard to “go back to the old ways?”. Of course, we could always get off our knees, be adults for once, and collectively say “NO!” Eh? Seems to be working in Nevada to some extent.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Over my dead body.

  • Hoser

    The chances of our Fucked-Up Government putting one of those in me is 0.00%. You can take that to the Bank!!!

  • ( (o) ) Blow Hole

    If the a government doctor tries to implant this chip into my arm, as they move closer with the injection needle device… BAM!! Fast punch to the face! I’ll take his arm, CRACK! Bend it back and inject himself right in the eye (die’s instantly). I make my way to the clinic door with the small window… cost is clear. As I exit, I notice an agent facing opposite guarding the hall. I sneak up and grab his weaopn from his holster, push it deep into his ass as a makeshift silencer and BLAM!! Make my way to the EMERGENCY ONLY exit and begin my decent down the stairwell…

    Stay tuned for the next episode of THE GOVERNMENT CAN LICK MY BALLSACK.

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