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The Doomer Mind – Part 1….Are you a Doomer?

from Charlie Mcgrath:

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3 comments to The Doomer Mind – Part 1….Are you a Doomer?

  • Wombats

    What was the point of this post? What value did you expect anybody to glean from watching this video? Thankfully watching this only a couple minutes of my time. Most posts on this site provide useful information and insights. This one seemed like completely useless ramblings.

  • Craig simpson,your smoking to much dope again,BUT I PRAY that your chains wear lightly and that your memory fade from everyones mind,as its easy to see, you’ll be the first one on the fema death camp bus,when they come to your neighborhood……………..

  • JustMe

    Wow…. Let me guess – You live in Colorado, right??

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