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The Crown and The Cross

by Elva Thompson,

Ivan J. Sanderson, a naturalist was interested in earth energies and in the nineteen sixties, mapped the disappearances of planes and ships across the globe. He found that the lost vessels consistently vanished in twelve geographical locations, equally spaced out across the planet. These ‘Twelve Vile Vortices’ as he called them, exhibited strange phenomena and magnetic anomalies; the most notorious being ‘The Bermuda Triangle’ and ‘The Devil’s Triangle [the Devils Sea, east of Japan]

Sanderson thought that although the planetary grid was made of elemental geometric shapes, it was predominantly icosahedral.

I found this very interesting because the icosahedron is the geometric for the second chakra, the water field of sex and emotion. Our reality is a feeling and emotional dimension, that’s why we cry water. Our bodies are made up of 80% + water, and it has just been discovered or rather re-discovered, that the planets in our solar system contain a lot of ‘starwater.’

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  • c.i.

    Ley Lines. Give Me A Break. Only Ever Mentioned Northern hemisphere. None Down Here Ever Mentioned As Connecting World Wide Forces. Scam……?

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