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The Coming California Dust Bowl

by Jonathan Benson, Natural News:

The fruit basket of America, California’s Central Valley, is in major trouble. Persistent drought conditions combined with decades of overfarming and chemical spraying has killed much of the growing acreage there. And experts are now warning that the entire agricultural region will likely collapse if more farmers don’t give the land a chance to rest and rejuvenate itself.

Ever since early farmers first began diverting water from across the state into the valley, which is technically a desert, the viability of the land there has been on a slow crash-course toward collapse. Irrigation-based crop systems, it turns out, which dominate the San Joaquin Valley where some 1.75 million acres of farmland exist, leach toxins, salts and other substances out of the ground, where they build up over time.

If you’re wondering why this is a big deal, consider that the Central Valley provides more than 25 percent of the nation’s food.

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4 comments to The Coming California Dust Bowl

  • Eric B

    You forgot about the part of letting stored water go to waste trying to save a worthless ” guppy ” instead of allocating that water for agricultural use. I know a farmer who has invested millions in Pistachio trees, they take around 12 years to mature and bear sale able nuts, he is barley able to keep his 20+ year investment alive let alone bear a cash crop today. People wake up! This is Agenda 21 going on right here right now!

    • Furrball

      No sorry Eric. Water has been over allocated for agriculture in the desert. Freshwater is now becoming a scarce resource due to a great number of factors over many years in many parts of the world. Agenda 21 is your scapegoat. Human demand for meat and overconsumption and waste of both food products and water has put us in tight and unfortunately most probably a dire situation which will only get worse due to maintaining or even desiring to grow our present consumption. This is plain and simple ecology, and we are the perpetrators of our own demise here. Instead of blaming everything on the elite corporate crowd, remember we are all part of the problem, and not recognizing that means you and me may not survive to a ripe old age anyway.

  • Steelerdude

    This is all part of project Genocide…

  • Larry

    No Furrball, you are wrong.

    “Last year, Westland farmers received just 20 percent of what is considered normal from the federal government’s Central Valley Project, while federal water releases for endangered fish remained at 100 percent, causing frustration among farmers.”

    there is this link too

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