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The Catastrophic End Game & Skyrocketing Gold Prices

from KingWorldNews:

There are only two ways that empires or superpowers come to an end. One is through bankruptcy, but after Lehman Brothers they will never let anything fail again. So I can’t believe they will allow bankruptcy. When you have a printing press, you print the money. So it has to end in hyperinflation. A hyperinflation has nothing to do with inflation. It has to do with a run on the bank, the selling of bonds and the currency. That is much different than an increase in the money supply causing product prices to rise — much different. Think of it as a run on the bank.

By the way, in the first hyperinflation, which was the French Revolution, gold went up 288 times in (just) five years, 1790 to 1795. We are not talking percent — we are talking times. That would mean that right now with gold at, say, $1,300, it would go to $388,000. But the key is that people run from the fiat money and they go to other currencies, or they go to gold and silver. That’s what happens.

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