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The BLM Went After Bundy Only For The Benefit Of Harry Reid

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

The BLM/Bundy situation is interesting not because of the sensationalistic and misleading reporting of it by Fox News,CNN et al, but because of what Harry Reid is doing with the BLM land in Nevada. Reid needed Bundy off the land in order to get the Gold Butte area designated as a solar energy zone. He’s trying to become the solar energy king of Nevada because I’m sure the interests he represents, like BrightSource Energy, have somehow cut him in on the largesse. I have a feeling there’s big Federal money still available for solar energy projects.

The ONLY reason I took an interest in this situation was because of Harry Reid’s “domestic terrorist” comments. But, as it turns out, BLM/Bundy fight was a sideshow that used was methodically planted as the main stage show while the real action was happening in Reno and DC with Harry Reid and his maneuverings to control the BLM.

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