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Socialist Economics 101

by Andy Hoffman,

It’s another eerie day of market “management,” 24 hours before yet another “all-important” FOMC policy statement. No chart sums the “pre-FOMC smokescreen” better than the one below, which unfortunately I haven’t found an update of since it was initially published two years ago. However, I did the math myself, calculating that an additional 68 S&P 500 points – averaging 0.3% per trading day – have been added in the days prior to the 18 FOMC meeting announcements in 2012, 2013 and 2014. In other words, since the PPT – i.e., the “President’s Working Group on Financial Markets,” started working 24/7, by my observation following 9/11, nearly all of the S&P’s cumulative gains have occurred the day before FOMC policy statements. Such a statistical aberration is easily “sixth sigma” in nature, attesting to the level of “strategic importance” TPTB place in Fed misinformation.

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1 comment to Socialist Economics 101

  • Ed_B

    “As you can see, today’s premise was as simple to explain as it comes; i.e., elementary math depicts how guaranteed the dollar’s demise has become. Not to mention, the currencies of all major nations – which all share the same economic, financial, and demographic horrors. There is not a chance in hell – mathematically – of any other outcome; and when TPTB can no longer mask this reality with unprecedented levels of money printing, market manipulation, and propaganda, the “world as we have known it” will permanently pass to be replaced by a hyperinflationary environment in which only those holding real money will financially survive – and likely, thrive.”

    We can all bet our last 371.25 grains of fine silver that when hyperinflation begins, the Fed and the Gov will be very busy telling us that it is not happening. Why change their posture on comments about wages, inflation, and unemployment at this late date?

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