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Shocking Charts Show Silver Set For A Staggering $70 Surge

from KingWorldNews:

Below are the fascinating charts sent to us by David P. out of Europe, along with the roadmap to $100 silver.

Since the high in 2011, silver has gone through a major correction. Silver is roughly 60% off the 2011 high. This may sound extreme but for silver this decline is just a normal move in its bull market. The first big decline was from $8.40 to $5.40 back in 2004 — that represented a 35% plunge. The next major pullback took place in 2008, when silver collapsed from $21 to $8.40 — this, like the recent decline, represented a 60% plunge in price….

The main thing for investors to understand is that these pullbacks represented excellent buying opportunities. Those who bought the first decline in 2004 saw the price rise a massive 288%, and those who bought the decline in 2008 saw the price advance a staggering 495%.

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