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SHOCKER: MH370 Passenger’s Girlfriend Tells CNN “The Plane is Intact”, The Passengers “Are Alive”, Flight Was “Accompanied By Fighter Planes”

[Ed. Note: The most shocking part? CFR member Erin Burnett completely fails to ask any decent follow-up questions regarding Bajc’s claims.]

from CNN, via Before Its News:

Sarah Bajc, girlfriend of Malaysian Flight 370 passenger Philip Wood, claimed on CNN Friday that she was told about eye witness reports that MH370 was spotted “accompanied by fighter planes” prior to its ‘disappearance’. Bajc also told CNN that she and other passengers family members are confident that the plane is not only still intact, but that the passengers have also survived.

Bajc concluded by telling the stunned CFR member and CNN anchor Erin Burnett, “Many people are saying that the United States is involved … but the general thinking across the families here and even non-families … this was a military operation of some sort.”

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34 comments to SHOCKER: MH370 Passenger’s Girlfriend Tells CNN “The Plane is Intact”, The Passengers “Are Alive”, Flight Was “Accompanied By Fighter Planes”

  • mangrove

    OK, this ranks up there as one of the weirdest developments and incidents on main stream media, ever. But is Sarah Bajc a fraud? Perhaps. I get the same vibe from her in the video below, as I did from the Sandy Hook parents. And, like Sandy Hook, there’s an AGENDA — in the case of Flight 370, Sarah Bajc lays out that agenda clear as day (last segment of the video): she’s on a mission to increase surveillance and security, presumably WORLDWIDE. Anybody else smelling a new world odor?

    So where does that leave us with regard to these shocking claims she’s making, and the very telling non-follow up by Erin Burnett? Are we really to believe that Sarah Bajc made it past the CNN censors? I mean, they do have a 7 second delay or something, don’t they? They could easily have “lost the connection” or other excuse and cut her off before those money quotes hit the airwaves and potentially millions of viewers. It’s almost as if they WANT these questions aired.

    Look, we know the media has been fucking us over since 9/11 big time, and are complicit in the big false flag crimes of this AND the last century. I think we need to look between the lines and think from evil’s perspective. In that context, and from watching Bajc’s interviews, I feel it’s very likely that Bajc is a player in this whole bizarre drama. The video below by RedPillRevolution is very revealing (despite what you may think of his commentary). Pay attention to your gut when watching and hearing Sarah Bajc, especially in the last segment where she lays out the agenda.

    MH370 Sarah Bajc Girlfriend of Passenger Exposed

    • SGT

      Hey mg, we have shied away from some of the “actor/fraud” claims on You Tube, both here and in the case of Sandy Hook, because it’s largely unprovable. But your point is well taken. There is much more to ALL of this than meets the eye.

    • jonathan

      I checked the video Mangrove the only things I would say are it is hard to tell if she is acting because all professional people today put on a fake persona most people I meet today have fake personas especially professionals. She’s probably a fake but it’s also possible they did a psyche profile on her based on her meta data which is why they chose to send out that fake message from Philip Woods phone knowing that she would react in this way.

      • mangrove

        Interesting theory. She could also have simply auditioned for the role, and they hired her because she’s pretty, articulate, and good at spouting off an agenda. She claimed “we simple people… we’re private people” — sorry, my bullshit meter pegged off the scale on that one. And, as I said above, the Sandy Hook similarities are uncanny — how she can be thinking of gun control, oops, I mean changes to surveillance/security at a time like this…. well, that’s the giveaway as far as I’m concerned. Too well rehearsed and inappropriate AT THIS POINT IN TIME. See, I wouldn’t have had a problem with the Sandy Hook parents smiling and even laughing during interviews IF IT WAS SIX MONTHS OR A YEAR after their beloved child had been brutally murdered. Same modus operandi. Stinks. And because of my doubts of her authenticity, it’s hard not to question how else we’re being lied to by these “victim” actors.

        Just my subjective opinion. Not to be confused with actual fact.

    • Lori

      Have you watched the latest Sara Bajc CNN interview, aired Apr. 8th? At 3 min in, she almost uses the word ‘company’ instead of country when talking about who might be responsible for the plane’s disappearance, but corrects herself. Then clears her throat. Would be interested to hear a lie detection pro analyse her responses and body language during the interview.

  • Angel

    I get the distinct impression that Bajc is completely sincere and on the up and up. If she’s a crisis actor, she’s a very good one.

    With that said, I find it difficult to comprehend why a reprehensible media outlet the likes of CNN would allow this sort of info to surface. Bajc was never interrupted or suddenly “lost”, and Blinky didn’t seem at all surprised or agitated when Bajc began discussing her suspicion that the disappearance was a military operation. In fact, she behaved as though she knew this was coming.

    I suppose it could be that the alphabet soup media know this thing is coming unraveled, and know that they cannot contain the consensus amongst family members (assuming Bajc is being honest) that a government entity is behind this and that a mufti-government cover-up is in progress. Is the corporate media attempting to distance themselves from something so unsettling, and something that they know will inevitably be exposed in the light?

    Nonetheless, all of this is still speculation, both the military narrative and the behavior of the media to such. And lets face it, this ongoing saga DOES improve the ratings of the dying corporate media, regardless of how they chose to portray the case.

  • c.i.

    Told you all the plane is not down here.

    This is fascinating………..


  • Krow!

    Why didnt this gal tell Miss Blinkey about her husband’s sent cell phone message from Diego Garcia and the included black picture? I thought that had been proven to be valid evidence, and she did not even mention it. Has that email/picture been proven to be a fake?

    Waiting for Israel to use this plane in a false flag attack on itself, claiming it to be from Iran…….then use that as an excuse to blow the crap out of Iran.

    Kaaaaaa-kaaaaaaa! saith the Krow

  • Sigo Plapal

    This is very strange that it aired on CNN. Like her, I refuse to believe that a 777 could lose its transponder and radio and become invisible to every radar on the planet. Our military can see anything in the air or in the water. If we can’t see a huge plane flying without a transponder, then we have serious defense issues.
    Perhaps the script has changed.

    • jonathan

      I heard a theory that many of the people on board were Chinese it is possible they were Chinese scientists involved in special programs. It is possible the Americans made the plane disappear hoping the Chinese would use their military satellites to find their scientists which the Military Industrial Complex absolutely has the tech to make planes disappear. If you notice how pathetic the Bankster Industrial Complex has become like funding Al Queda in Syria then claiming Iran is a threat to world peace they would actually do something this ridiculous.

  • mark s mann


    First we had phantom floating “debris”….now we are going to have phantom ‘pings’….this will be the next deception in the game now that the floating garbage is played out.–sector.html

    • SGT

      Thx for the link Mark, will post.

    • c.i.

      Mark, interesting link. In this link is a mention of 37.5KHz…….maybe something….”Ping”.

      Same thing has been previously stated locally here in Perth Media. Again, Maybe Something……

      I realize that this may be in Bad Taste and all but……. a whale can make all sorts of sounds including something that may be heard as a “Ping”.

      Whales have a range of vocals (Song) from 0.2Khz up to 150Khz.

      The local media latest is probably not available to the USA but here is the latest link in which an “Expert” states that “No natural Occurence of 37.5Khz is possible”


      • c.i.

        I have an update for everyone in that It has been stated that:

        “The frequency 37.5KHz has been selected specifically for black box transponders worldwide as that frequency (While in the range generically listed as Whale Song) is something, that frequency, “That a Whale can not reproduce”………….

        They skip that particular frequency as they, for many reasons can not express it due to whatever makes up a………….”Whale”?

        There are very clever people that set these things up and we should all be thankful for that.

        I am sorry if I set anyone in the wrong direction.

        We all learn stuff along the way aye!

        Hopefully the search in progress will end in success for loved ones and the aircraft safety industry will make some changes accordingly for the future.



  • John

    Wifey and i watch NBC news with Brian Williams every evening. Strangely, this missing plane is in the news every damn evening and we are at a month now. Sometimes they run two stories on it. After a week or so, you’d think NBC news would drop the subject completely from their news cast a night here or there. Nope! It is all just weird, even the keeping of every small detail in the news every single blasted night.

  • fuznuts

    One would do well to realize that the FIRST and most important thing these NWO people can do is find ANY way to undermine the U.S. hedgemony…they make it a point to disintigrate confidence in EVERYTHING American, and at the same time use the opportunity to solidify confidence in the Eastern Nations’ credibility.

    THIS is why she is on here…notice she talks up Malaysia many times while taking every opportunity to insinuate that the U.S. does not deserve confidence. She also pokes at the Chinese…which would be a means of applying leverage to decision makers there. Very interesting stuff…and still worthless in the grand scheme of things.

    • jonathan

      Fuznuts are you actually suggesting the American people should have confidence in any of the institutions in the USA? Cause that would be crazy

      • fuznuts

        LOL…hell no. I am simply saying they have been taken over by the same INTERNATIONAL mafia that is setting up an American Collapse (impossible without a loss of confidence), and the bringing in of a new era (most likely Asia-Centric.

        My point is that it will ONLY get worse when these Mafias have no real adversary and sovereign opponent with a history built upon liberty and freedom for the little guy. Look at nearly ALL other nations in this world and you will see that once America falls, the Mafia will have a HUGE base of people who have no clue what personal liberty is…let alone a willingness to fight for it.

        Our enemies have infiltrated us, and are playing BOTH sides. This is my point. And this is also why CNN is doing something that surprises people here on this forum…because it almost SEEMS like they are doing real journalistic work. They are not…it is ALWAYS a ploy.

  • The Truth

    Coming soon to a theater near you. Aliens abducted the plane and are seeking ransom of power to release the passengers. LOL!

  • Gerald

    I’m no expert on military, but don’t we have radar jamming aircraft that would make the plane seem to vanish? I told my wife the day they said it disappeared that something was up. Just like when the Aurora Co. shooting happened. Something fishy there too. And Sandy Hook also. Who determined all those children were dead? The news helicopter video shows no ambulances or medical personnel going in the school. As for this, I think she just let us know the plane may be used to terrorize some country.

  • andrew james

    Two civilian aircraft were used as WMD’s on 9/11 and yet we still got bone heads collaborating with the enemy by flying on their perfectly good airplanes. You have not yet begun to fight.

  • Sheila Darsey

    Hey David,
    This afternoon I read on either or a posting that Bajc and her hijacked boyfriend Michael Wood were crisis actors at Sandy Hook. Picture of them both were included. Now at midnight here on the Big Island, I can’t find the posting, I may be too tired after reading your fabulous article or it may have been taken down already. The picture appeared quite convincing, especially the image of Wood, a good face shot.
    Love you and you work, Pal.
    Sheila Darsey

  • Bill Smith

    Great comments throughout this page! Glad to see that many are NOT buying the media story we are all being ‘spoonfed’ about ‘crash at sea’. Unless they find actual remains of the plane itself I ain’t buying it. Important technical point that has risen regarding that ‘sudden change of direction’ posted here … . Plus the possibility of ‘shadowing’ that other flight to avoid radar detection. Why does the media completely avoid any mention of ‘Diego Garcia’ the ‘secret’ U.S. military base smack-dab in the middle of the Indian Ocean (where the ‘philip woods’ cell phone / photo story originates from)? Story and info. here ….
    Hard to know what to believe anymore….

  • Lamont

    Hello to all, Sarah, is a victim in all of this, from reading, most of the comments here. Some seem to want to blame her and calling her a actor. She is neither, for the cold hearted thugs who would suggested this is just plain wrong. She did not ask to have her boyfriend go missing. Plus I agree with her, this smells and sounds and looks like a military industrial complex black budget ops, gone bad. The military black budget is sucking trillions of dollars out of our US economy for a reason. They are out for world control period,so in their minds if thousands go missing or die in the process they would not care at all. To them it is simply collateral damage, a term they grown accustomed to useing all these many decades of sucking the life out out us. They call it black budget for a reason to. So it can,t be trace back to them. Most seem to have forgotten that one little fact. Get real people, they are not playing a game here!!! A trillion dollars buys a lot of corruption and dark secrets they hope never see the light of day. That is what black or dark money is all about period. Here is a wake call for you as well. Until one of their own or so they thought reveal we are all being track via NSA, no one believe that either. Well the light has a very good way of revealing the dark don,t it now. And so the story goes as it is slowly reveal and played out for all the world to see, while they stumble over each other to cover themselves.
    Popcorn anyone!!!!!

  • CRusader of mh 370

    I think those idiots that did not support her version of the story are either insane or a deliberate ploy by the agents of somebody to counter anything she said as nonsense. My dear buddy out there, the MH370 is one interesting case where technology are not able to locate the whereabouts of the location of this plane or trying to misdirect international community of something that never happen as an happening, where if it really true that the US military hijacked the plane and it is in Diego Garcia, then if its true with evidence of the phone message that purportedly came from that latitude and longitude and harassment done to one of those who received the message then in all probability it must have a sensible reasoning. Putin phone Obama, and Kerry were directed to meet Russian FM in Paris for 4 hours of talk. Do you think they were talking about CRIMEA, my dear friend its all about MH370, Russia was already monitoring the flight before it took off, before 2 US marine were killed mysteriously, who were directed to protect the cargo that was transferred to Dubai and then to mh 370 and as you all well knew there was a cargo of utmost value to the US that cannot at any cost reach China. So if the Russian Intelligence has warned of China about the cargo, do you think their satellite are not detecting the path of MH370? Now look at Crimea, where is all the sanctions that the US want to impose. So Russian has got the leverage on this matter. Furthermore just 2 days ago the satellite provider was able to pin point the right place that the plane disappeared and the so called acoustic sound or signal was received in 2 different location that was detected must have been sent through submarine. In all probability I think the agents of those involved in the act of capturing the plane want the world to believe that it actually crashed in the Indian Ocean. So this drama is unfolding and I do strongly believe that if the US are not serious in Crimea issue then tell off the Russian. Do you think the us dare after this issue ? Russia has something up and they don’t give a dam about the threat. My story

  • Stephanie Larissa Anne Pang

    I totally with Sarah about MH370. Even since day 2 when the plane went missing, when the news was hijacks and i pretty knew that this plane already landed somewhere and all the 239 passengers and crews were still alive.

    Guys i thank god that Philip Wood using his IPhone 5 to text to inform us where he is, if not we don’t know exactly where was this plane have gone. Nobody knows except god alone.That’s why i always believe god can save all the 239 people on board the plane.and i did pray to god to save this people, when i personally saw their family went through my heart really felt emotional.

    Don’t get deceived the plane crashed, actual fact MH370 already landed. we continue to pray for all the 239 passengers and crews on board will come back safety to Kuala Lumpur, and unite to their family.

    Love Stephanie

  • MH370FamilyMember

    to all the ‘crisis actor’ theorists… Sarah is real. I am a family member and know her personally.

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