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Self Defense Methods to Hone the Modern Prepper

by JDE, Survival Blog:

It’s a warm summer evening. Your children have been begging you all day to take them to that new cartoon playing at the theater. It’s a Saturday, and you don’t have to be at church until noon the next morning. You give in to those little “pretty pleases” they’ve been charming you with all day. The movie is over around 11:00pm, and two tired but content children follow you out to your truck. There are very few people in the parking lot, and you are 15 feet from your vehicle when the hair on the back of your neck stands at attention. You’ve felt this before and know to listen to your senses, but it’s too late. Suddenly you are slammed to the ground from behind. A large man sits on your chest, while delivering blow after blow to your head and face. The weight of your attacker forces the air out of you, and his strikes feel like someone is slamming you with an anvil. You can hear the screams of your children as another man drags them toward a van you hadn’t even noticed parked by your truck. Now your fight has just begun. Are you ready?

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