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Ron Paul Warned about an Armed BLM in 1997

by Dean Garrison, Freedom Outpost:

“Earlier this year, another member severely criticized me on the House floor for declaring on C-SPAN that, indeed, many Americans justifiably fear their own government,” Paul began.

“This fear has come from the police state mentality that prompted Ruby Ridge, Waco and many other episodes of an errant federal government.”

Then Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) warned Congress and the American people against arming the Bureau of Land Management, the agency that surrounded the Bundy Ranch with more than 250 armed agents, including snipers a couple of weeks ago. Paul gave a passionate speech on the floor of the House in 1997 declaring the reasons that Americans fear a growing federal government, prompted by the Ruby Ridge and Waco attacks, as well as “many other episodes of an errant federal government.”

“Under the Constitution, it was never meant to be a federal police force,” Paul continued. “Even and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), limited only to investigations, was not accepted until this century.

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2 comments to Ron Paul Warned about an Armed BLM in 1997

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Thanks for all Ron Paul, however, your time to really shine is here. Put down the pen and pick up the “virtual” sword and sensationalise this story. Get over to Bundy’s ranch, wrap yourself in the flag and beat the patriotic drum. Grab America by the throat and shake it until it wakes up. You are needed more than ever Ron. Now’s the time.

  • Jeff

    America’s Greatest Man.

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