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Richard Russell – Silver & The Nastiest Stock Market In History

from KingWorldNews:

Russell: This is what I call an “erosion market.” It’s one of the nastiest types of markets that you’ll ever have to deal with. It’s illustrated in the Dow chart by a large cluster of back and forth movements, appearing almost like a solid block of fluctuating movements. This is a market where you buy a stock and a day later you’re sorry you bought it as the stock suddenly drops 10%.

By the same token, this is a market where you short a stock and a day later the stock rallies six points and you’re stopped out. An erosion market can be as costly as a bear market. Ten minor losing trades, when combined, can add up to one large, nasty loss. I’ve asked my subscribers to stay out of this market, because an eroding market can murder any portfolio over time.

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7 comments to Richard Russell – Silver & The Nastiest Stock Market In History

  • Danny W

    “I think something is quietly brewing in silver. Buy the “monster” pack of 500 ounces of silver.” -RR

    WTF is a “monster pack?”

    I’ve never heard anyone, let alone a silver expert, reference buying a “monster pack.” Anyone else think this guy has no idea what he’s selling?

    • uncviper23

      A monster box is a U.S. Mint box with a wire and lead seal on it. When you buy in boxes you get better cost per oz. pricing and usually free shipping. Richard is meaning don’t play around buy with two fists.

      • Danny W

        Danny W simply is implying to don’t play around with “experts” who call Monster Boxes “packs”

        Seriously? Who in the PM world doesn’t know what a “Monster Box” is???

  • uncviper23

    ooh and btw there green and comes with 25 tubes of 20 inside. about 70lbs. each.

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