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Catherine Austin Fitts: ‘The Breakaway Civilization’, Black Budgets & The SECRET SPACE PROGRAM

from Red Ice Radio:

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8 comments to Catherine Austin Fitts: ‘The Breakaway Civilization’, Black Budgets & The SECRET SPACE PROGRAM

  • simpel

    We are definitely not alone in the Universe.

    Extraterrestrial Intruders: The Reality Of The Extraterrestrial Life Visiting Our World


  • Hannon

    She’s drinking her own koolaid now from her government days. If she really thinks they are building a new UFO economy we can actually take part in, she’s lost. What about the chemtrails, FEMA camps, killer robots, loss of freedom, or any of the horrible things they do? I got new for her, they’re not doing what they do, to bring us into a new future.

    • SGT

      I don’t think that’s her take, thus the name “Breakaway civilization”. I did this video with a conversation between she and A. Jones a few years ago, when she finally realized exactly what the Luciferian Elite were up to. This info in the vid seems a bit obvious now, but it was earth shattering to many at the time.

      The Illuminati Depopulation Agenda – Catherine Austin Fitts

      • Steve_D

        You should look at getting her on Sean.

      • Hannon

        I know she means well, but I still think she’s loosing her grip and trying to fill gaps with logic and math, when she should be applying the thought patterns of psychopaths instead. Plus she takes about all the “capital” like it’s something real, and if she wants to know where it is, she should look at the derivatives market. If they were using the money to build ufos on that scale, it would still create a material based productive output that we simply don’t have. That being said, I’m not saying they aren’t building ufos, or there isn’t aliens, or anything like that, I’m just saying I think she’s wrong.

  • Yankee Doodle

    Their ready to make soylent green from us peasants. Where ready for the harvest.

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