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Public Choice Theory, Immigration and Voting

from Boom Bust:

Our lead story: Donald Sterling and the consequences of his racist tirade. Following today’s announcement of Sterling’s punishment by League Commissioner Adam Sterling, Erin takes a look at the economic consequences of a forced sale.

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4 comments to Public Choice Theory, Immigration and Voting

  • Rodster

    If what he said was true then he’s an idiot for saying it because since the 50’s we’ve moved past the racial slurs and especially in this PC world we now live in. With that said I thought the judgement was wrong and excessive. The problem is there are many Blacks who feel the same way towards white people as he does.

    Lifetime ban and forcing the sale of the team for idiotic comments was plain wrong.

  • Rodster

    What’s even more comical is that Floyd Mayweather (Boxing Champ) wants to buy the team along with others. The same Mayweather who used racial slurs against Manny Pacquiao. Sometimes you can’t make this even if you tried.

  • Sayldog

    Sterling’s an idiot for letting a gold-digging whore get close enough to cause such damage.



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