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Procuring Water When Utilities Are Shut Off

from Ready4itAll:

If you’ve been prepping for more than…well…a few hours, you probably understand the importance of stockpiling a source of purified water. Public utilities are fragile to say the least, and anything from inclement weather to a SHTF scenario could cause disruptions in public water.

Unfortunately, water is also one of the hardest things to prep for a long-term scenario. It is the heaviest and most frequent prep item you will ever use.

Sure, it’s pretty easy to fill up a bunch of plastic containers with water and shove them in the back of a closet, but if you’re prepping for a long-term grid-down scenario, you’d need an entire extra room just to house all your stored water!

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3 comments to Procuring Water When Utilities Are Shut Off

  • Rancher

    In order to be a real and serious hard core prepper you need deep water wells and the means to get the water out. In fact a smart real prepper already stores several thousand gallons under ground.

  • Hal

    Could survive months or more on nothing but urine. Just sayin.

  • Rancher

    That urine line is the biggest pile of B/S and no one better believe it either. You only pee out a small amount of what you drink. You exhale and sweat a bunch. It also come out the rear end. Why don’t you drink a six pack of pee tonight and share about it in the morning?

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