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Police Will Now Inspect Homes Without Notice (or Warrant)!

from Josh Tolley:

No notice inspections – Neighbors encouraged to ‘snitch’. This is happening in the U.S. and could be coming to your neighborhood

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1 comment to Police Will Now Inspect Homes Without Notice (or Warrant)!

  • Bob

    CalFire has decided to inspect “Property” of 850,000 rural homeowners for “Firesafety”.
    They will be coming over peoples’ fences without notice to look all around the outside of the house 100′ radius. When I asked local people affected, they didn’t even know the “inspectors” are coming out with ticket books. And worse, they didn’t seem very concerned that “inspectors” would be on their property.
    You know that it is only a matter of time that they try to do these “inspections” inside houses.

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