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Obama Preparing Country For Coup Against Constitution

from Survival Backpack:

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin warned that Barack Obama is campaigning and preparing the country for what amounts to a coup against the Constitution over the debt reported Sunday.

Levin said that it’s clear Obama has moved on from the shutdown and is now focused on the debt ceiling, paving the way for low-information liberals to support him as he bypasses Congress and unilaterally seizes control of the nation’s economy, Dr. Susan Berry wrote..

“Default, default, default…why is he saying that? Just to scare people?” Levin asked. “Well, that’s part of it, obviously. But, it’s more than that, ladies and gentlemen. Barack Obama is plotting, that if he can’t get what he wants out of the House Republicans, that if he can’t get his Plan A, and get Boehner and the Republicans to buckle – not just on the Continuing Resolution – but on the debt ceiling, then he’s got his Plan B.”

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2 comments to Obama Preparing Country For Coup Against Constitution

  • DaveL

    It is EXTREMELY RARE that I suggest/wish harm upon anyone. That said, “Barry-the-Fairy” could exit this dimension by any means…and I would celebrate. Add in another 100 congress critters, I would THROW A BLOCK PARTY.

  • Ed_B

    The Obamunists are preparing the country, alright… for a Marxist state that is totally under their control. Patriotic Americans everywhere are not having any of that BS, however. The show of strength at the Bundy ranch in Nevada shows that pretty clearly. It also shows that the thugs at the BLM have little to no stomach for a straight-up fight. Not that they have given up, of course. Many of us fully expect them to pull some sort of early morning “surprise” raid as they wage war against the American people. They need to read some history. Americans did not bend the knee to George III and we will not do it for Barack Hussein Obama or Soetoro of whatever the f*** this guy’s name really is. We are NOT subjects and we will NOT be converted into subjects. Not now, not later, and not ever.

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