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NYPD Ends Surveillance of Muslims; Shifts to Surveillance of Everyone

by Joe Wright, Activist Post:

The embattled New York City Police Department (NYPD) has become somewhat of an epicenter of Constitutional violations and pushback. It stands as the most widely surveilled U.S. city with its “Ring of Steel” offering a 24/7 Threatscape in which virtually no one is immune from the eyes of Big Brother.

However, down on the street, its police have become renown as thugs who are often more threatening than the criminals they are supposed to be there to find. Two particular policies have come to the forefront: Stop-and-Frisk for its racial profiling, and its Demographics Unit which was openly targeting the Muslim community in a type of pre-crime exercise.

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2 comments to NYPD Ends Surveillance of Muslims; Shifts to Surveillance of Everyone

  • Anon

    Anyone that has been paying attention since Sept. 11, 2001, figured out – LONG AGO – that all the surveillance done by the NSA, for example, wasn’t focused on muslim extremists, the official bogey-man, du jour, as much as it was focused on American citizens, generally. You see, the SAME organizations, and the people in them, such as the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), and FBI are behind both U.S. Foreign Policy, AND, U.S. Domestic Policy. The GLOBALISTS, CORPORATISTS, FASCISTS in charge of the U.S. President, Con-gress, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, the Main Stream Media, and Hollywood are, as Hilarious Clinton said “losing the information war”, around the globe. BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) Countries are increasingly trading oil for gold, or just trading in their own respective currencies, and bypassing the U.S. Petrodollar, born under Richard Milhouse Nixon, in 1971, after he took it off the gold standard. What is going to happen, in America, when the rest of the planet begins to shun the U.S. Petrodollar? Petrodollars will begin flooding the United States, and become worthless. Why is that a problem? Because if the rest of the non-Western world rejects the BIS, IMF, World Bank, and the “Fed” and their debt enslavement system, SOMEONE will still need to be debt enslaved to subsidize the 1%, and ALL their minions in the U.S. Government (the President, Con-gress, the Supreme Court, & in the never-ending three-letter, alphabet-soup quasi-governmental agencies, like the OSS/CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, TSA, BLM, ATF, ADL, FDA, EPA, etc.)

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