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Nuclear Power Plants Will Become America’s Extinction Level Event

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

On April 11, 2014, I received a communication from a reader, who is a nuclear power plant employee, that warned me about an impending FEMA visit to the nuclear power plant at Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant in Arizona.

Dave, just wanted to let you know that F/’E/’M/’A is touring our Nuc Plant this morning… We are scheduled to have 18 people from this organization touring the plant this morning. Just thought it was interesting, and thought you might want to know.

Given what I know about the strange events surrounding last year’s Grid Ex II drill and the apparent Chinese takeover of our solar energy, plus the fact that a Chinese solar energy zone is located near the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant, I am a little more than suspicious about the motive behind the FEMA inspection of the plant. Is something big happening? Is this the next false flag?

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1 comment to Nuclear Power Plants Will Become America’s Extinction Level Event

  • Dave, Dave, Dave………… go away. There’s totally off the wall and then there’s Dave. I can’t even read his crap any more. I tried to post my views on his site, but he’s not man enough to let them through. If you’re going to write this shit and not allow dissenting opinions, then your stuff “is” bullshit.

    I actually started a forum section on Dave just to slam his crap. I found that I would have to fully read his posts and I can’t do that.

    Needless to say… you’ll get more truth from a half hour of SpongeBob than anything that comes from Dave.

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