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Non-Relational News Roundup

by JY896, TF Metals Report:

Over a year ago, Argentus Maxiumus started a thread entitled ‘The setup for the big trade’. Besides wishing I had acted on his observations on PM prices, these passages stuck with me from his first weeks of writing:

“Now an interesting item for discussion right now is what fundamental news is being prepared to make the markets jump next week.

It may sound crazy, but I expect some or all of the following to tick a few boxes : invasion of a country, assassination or death of political leaders, corporate leadership resignation, rise of new parties, natural disaster events, mass public protest on the streets to demand political-social change, fall of a power. You know, the sort of random significant events the average person could never predict, and the markets will have to revalue prices violently when said information comes out ……… off the charts, … soon to be on the charts!”


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1 comment to Non-Relational News Roundup

  • Eric

    yeeeck! Politics really IS show business for ugly people. They must have dug those 2 healthcare hags out from around the kettle they were stirring inside the gingerbread house after they were done eating hansel and gretel. As for Blythe, Jamie, and Ben… I believe tar and feathers along with shackles and kick me signs are in order.

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