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Noah (the Movie) Illuminati Gnostic Secrets Revealed

from Mark Dice:

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6 comments to Noah (the Movie) Illuminati Gnostic Secrets Revealed

  • Hoser

    Safe to say, this is one movie I will NEVER PAY to go see!

  • Anon

    If you wish to really awaken to the TRUTH (which MOST people simply cannot handle!), watch this:

    Marty Leeds at the FREE YOUR MIND CONFERENCE (2013)

  • Velocity of Money

    God is a spirit and he must be worshipped in the spirit. God is not the sun. Just because son and sun seem to mean the same things in english does not make it so in all alphabets and languages. Mathematics is a perfect language and the language of God I would agree. God is perfect. But the presenter of information in the attached video takes liberties with mathematics when he tries to draw distinct correlations by using words like “this is very close”. Very close is not perfect. Therefore, it is not of God. Numberology, astrology, and other representations by the presenter are occult. They are teachings delivered to men by the fallen angels centuries ago. Although the Bible refers to the book of Enoch many times it has been excluded from the cannon. However, Enoch details my previous statement.

    • Eric

      Occult simply means “hidden.”

      Sunday (Domingo) = The Sun
      Moonday (Lunes) = The Moon
      Martes = Mars
      Miercoles = Mercury
      Thursday (Jueves) = Jupiter
      Friday (Viernes) = Venus
      Saturn Day = Saturn

      If it helps you to think of God as a man, so be it. I think of God as the perfect divine universal force of all creation throughout the universe. All religions have focused around the worship of the demiurge for thousands of years.

  • Velocity of Money

    God is a spirit as I stated. He manifested himself as a man to join himself to his spritfilled man creation for eternity. Your word definitions for the days of the week are meaningless. Again, those were handed down by fallen angels through astrology and man adopted them. The Bible clearly states that the days of the week are numbers in Genesis at creation which is an explaination that predates the flood and your interpretation. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7=(Sabbath)rest.

  • NIX


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