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MUST WATCH: Martial Law, Mercenaries and Murder After the Boston Bombing

from Western Journalism:

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8 comments to MUST WATCH: Martial Law, Mercenaries and Murder After the Boston Bombing

  • AgShaman

    Or why they brought in all the crisis actors and fake blood to manufacture “heroes”

    • mangrove

      Exactly. Hey AgShaman, have you seen this? It’s very revealing, and so well researched and presented:

      Carlos Arredondo – Boston Hero or NWO FRAUD?

      • SGT

        I posted that one on March 24th:

        If you don’t watch it all, make SURE you watch the last ten minutes Ag (starting at 41:00).

        • AgShaman

          Thanks for the refresher Sean. This is the video that gave me the notion that crisis actors had to be “prepped” (which took a bit of time)….while the “heroes” in waiting stood around, until it was time for the graphic photo shoot to commence.

          My favorite had to be the 2nd floor guy with his clothing shredded to bits….but absolutely no visible blood. What a tricky bomb eh? All that shrapnel flying around….and so many “lucky” bystanders.

          Whether it’s the military conducting false flag sabotage of their own bases or more private locations for their theatrical psyops….these criminals need a lot of willing traitors to help with these activities. It really speaks to the devolving psyche of the people in this country fulfilling these acts of treason. They are playing along with the most cowardly, destructive criminals on this planet and are selling out cheap IMO. First class travel perks, a big house in a swanky neighborhood, lots of toys and high end vehicles, and a good bit of cash flow to boot I’m sure (it matters not)… benefits qualify as rewards commensurate with this level of treason.

          I don’t forgive…and I don’t forget. The criminals running these “Ops” are not the only element that needs to be vanquished. The traitors that are helping them need to be cleared out also.

      • AgShaman

        I did Mangrove. That’s what I was hinting at and it was posted here also I think.

        Carlos was covered in blood….but when?

        I believe they used the same crisis actors and make-up artists in Sandy Hook.

        I have my doubts about that Jeff Bauman character (life saved by Carlos)…my gut tells me he is a crisis actor that lost his leg some time ago and not in the Boston Marathon bombing.

        Thanks always for the links. That’s why this place is the best. The truthseekers are engaged and sharing info and I appreciate all the C/Kats here that are helping the movement with providing interesting info. As long as a few of us Amerikwans still have a “pulse” and are unwilling to submit….the enemy knows the odds do not favor their agenda.

        Many thanks Mangrove, and to all the other freedom loving patriots out there that refuse to be slaves to tyrants.

    • hal

      You mean that wasn’t a saturday night live skit? They were actually claiming that was real?

  • TLL

    The final hope for a non-lying administration completely ignores the centuries old art of statecraft. Geopolitics is nothing but lying. That is its primary tool. But in geopolitics, it’s called “propaganda” now. It was perfected by Goebbels, and adapted by corporations who now call it marketing. But it is older than Ghengis Khan. If you truly have an expectation about not being lied to by the leader of a nation state, and its deep state administration, you should stop holding your breath now. It will never, ever, ever, happen. Power is built, sustained, and protected by obfuscation, delusion, and inveiglement. It has always been, and will always be, so. THAT is exactly why one must be an anarchist. To continually run the counter game. To continually use the same techniques AGAINST the empirical nation states. It’s as simple as offense and defense. Power and opposition. Good and Evil,…older than dirt.

  • mangrove

    The Unbeatable Strategy to Bring Down the Organized Crime Network Running Our Government – THE BOSTON FRAME-UP CAN BE THEIR DOWNFALL

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